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CodeCourse NameLocationBeginsEndsTimeFee
16SMPEST0803GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110308/03/1608/03/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16MWK3990721ACT WorkKeys Assessment - MariettaMarietta H-110307/21/1607/21/169 AM to 1 PM75.00
16MWK3990707ACT WorkKeys Assessment - MariettaMarietta H-110307/07/1607/07/169 AM to 1 PM75.00
16SMPEST0727GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110307/27/1607/27/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SMPEST0720GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110307/20/1607/20/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SM62360830TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsMarietta H-110307/12/1607/12/166 PM to 9:30 PM90.00
16SMPEST0713GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110307/13/1607/13/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SMPEST0706GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110307/06/1607/06/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16MWK3990728ACT WorkKeys Assessment - MariettaMarietta H-110307/28/1607/28/169 AM to 1 PM75.00
16MWK3990714ACT WorkKeys Assessment - MariettaMarietta H-110307/14/1607/14/169 AM to 1 PM75.00
16SMPEST0620GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110306/20/1606/20/161 PM to 4 PM45.00
16SMPEST0606GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110306/06/1606/06/161 PM to 4 PM45.00
16SMPEST0725GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110307/25/1607/25/161 PM to 4 PM45.00
16SMPEST0711GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110307/11/1607/11/161 PM to 4 PM45.00
16SMPEST0601GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110306/01/1606/01/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16MWK3990804ACT WorkKeys Assessment - MariettaMarietta H-110308/04/1608/04/169 AM to 1 PM75.00
16SMPEST0608GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110306/08/1606/08/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SMPEST0629GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110306/29/1606/29/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SMPEST0622GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110306/22/1606/22/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SMPEST0615GA Pesticide Exam - MariettaMarietta H-110306/15/1606/15/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SA53760810New Miner B/MFAAppalachian 31806/08/1606/08/168 AM to 5 PM99.00
16SA53160813New Miner AAppalachian 31807/05/1607/05/168 AM to 5 PM89.00
16SA53360811New Miner CAppalachian 31806/09/1606/09/168 AM to 5 PM89.00
16SW53960818OSHA 30-hour for General IndustryAppalachian 31806/20/1606/24/168 AM to 4:30 PM329.00
16SA53160809New Miner AAppalachian 31806/07/1606/07/168 AM to 5 PM89.00
16SA53460816Annual RefresherAppalachian 31807/08/1607/08/168 AM to 5 PM89.00
16SA53360815New Miner CAppalachian 31807/07/1607/07/168 AM to 5 PM89.00
16SA53760814New Miner B/MFAAppalachian 31807/06/1607/06/168 AM to 5 PM99.00
16SA62360002TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsAppalachian 30906/17/1606/17/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SM88560823Seven Steps to Successful SalesMarietta H-112606/14/1606/30/163 PM to 6 PM355.00
16SM54360822Paralegal: Corporate LawMarietta H-112507/21/1608/25/166 PM to 9:30 PM139.00
16SM54260821Paralegal: BankruptcyMarietta H-112507/19/1608/23/166 PM to 9:30 PM139.00
16SM54060819Paralegal: Estate Planning & ProbateMarietta H-112506/07/1607/12/166:30 PM to 9:30 PM139.00
16SM54160820Paralegal: ContractsMarietta H-112506/09/1607/14/166:30 PM to 9:30 PM139.00
16SM62360828TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic Skills(Full)*Marietta H-112506/03/1606/03/169 AM to 12:30 AM90.00
16SM62360829TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsMarietta H-112507/01/1607/01/169 AM to 12:30 AM90.00
16SM62360835TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsMarietta H-112508/01/1608/01/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SM62360834TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsMarietta H-112508/01/1608/01/169 AM to 12:30 AM90.00
16SMLEADERSHLEADERSHIP ACADEMYMarietta H-112708/18/1612/08/169 AM to 4 PM1000.00
16SM569UNDERLeadership: Understanding How You Score SuccessMarietta H-112710/27/1610/27/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SM959MANAGLeadership: Managing Chaos and Creating SolutionsMarietta H-112711/10/1611/10/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SM558EMERGLeadership: Emerging into LeadershipMarietta H-112708/18/1608/18/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SM894COACHLeadership: Coaching a Winning TeamMarietta H-112709/15/1609/15/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SM934PATPTLeadership: Putting All the Pieces TogetherMarietta H-112712/01/1612/01/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SM918DEVELLeadership: Developing Teams and Team CreativityMarietta H-112709/29/1609/29/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SMPARAINFParalegal Information SessionMarietta H-112708/02/1608/02/166:30 PM to 7:30 PM0.00
16SM963SECRELeadership: Secrets to Effective CommunicationMarietta H-112709/01/1609/01/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SM958ENCOULeadership: Encouraging and Developing EmployeesMarietta H-112710/13/1610/13/169 AM to 4 PM149.00
16SM44160808Lean Six Sigma Black Belt CertificationMarietta H-112707/25/1608/26/169 AM to 4 PM2740.00
16SM44060807Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Marietta H-112707/11/1607/14/169 AM to 4 PM2210.00
16SM44460806Lean 5SMarietta H-112708/09/1608/09/169 AM to 5 PM199.00
16SM30560780MS Excel 2013 Level IMarietta H-112807/29/1607/29/169 AM to 4 PM59.00
16SM62360833TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsMarietta H-112807/28/1607/28/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SW30660781MS Excel 2013 Level IIMarietta H-112808/05/1608/05/169 AM to 4 PM59.00
16SM62360831TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsMarietta H-112807/21/1607/21/166 PM to 9:30 PM90.00
16SM63060792AHA: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare ProvidersMarietta H-111608/13/1608/13/169 AM to 1:30 PM60.00
16SM63460786BLS for Healthcare Providers (Skills Check-Off)Marietta H-111606/15/1606/15/166 PM to 8 PM45.00
16SM63060784CPR Week: Basic Life Support (BLS)Marietta H-111606/03/1606/03/169 AM to 1:30 PM25.00
16SNW3990630ACT WorkKeys Assessment - North MetroNorth Metro D-40307/05/1607/05/161 PM to 4:30 PM75.00
16SNPEST0610GA Pesticide Exam - N. MetroNorth Metro D-40306/10/1606/10/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SWK3990804ACT WorkKeys Assessment - North MetroNorth Metro D-40308/02/1608/02/161 PM to 4:30 PM75.00
16SWK3990714ACT WorkKeys Assessment - North MetroNorth Metro D-40307/19/1607/19/161 PM to 4:30 PM75.00
16SN44341282Lean Boot CampNorth Metro D-40305/31/1606/02/169 AM to 4 PM599.00
16SN62360004TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsNorth Metro D-40306/10/1606/10/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SNW3990707ACT WorkKeys Assessment - North MetroNorth Metro D-40307/12/1607/12/161 PM to 4:30 PM75.00
16SWK3990728ACT WorkKeys Assessment - North MetroNorth Metro D-40307/26/1607/26/1612 M to 12 AM75.00
16SNPEST0715GA Pesticide Exam - North MetroNorth Metro D-41707/15/1607/15/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SNPEST0729GA Pesticide Exam - Noth MetroNorth Metro D-41707/29/1607/29/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SN62360842TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsNorth Metro D-41708/01/1608/01/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SN62360837TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsNorth Metro D-41707/06/1607/06/166 PM to 9:30 PM90.00
16SN62360838TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsNorth Metro D-41707/18/1607/18/166 PM to 9:30 PM90.00
16SN62360841TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsNorth Metro D-41708/01/1608/01/169 AM to 12:30 PM90.00
16SN62360840TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsNorth Metro D-41707/26/1607/26/169 AM to 12:30 PM90.00
16SNPEST0603GA Pesticide Exam - N. MetroNorth Metro D-41706/03/1606/03/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SNPEST0701GA Pesticide Exam - N. MetroNorth Metro D-41707/01/1607/01/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SNPEST0617GA Pesticide Exam - N. MetroNorth Metro D-41706/17/1606/17/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SNPEST0624GA Pesticide Exam - N. MetroNorth Metro D-41706/24/1606/24/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16FN34520012Multi-Craft Industrial - Mechanical MaintenanceNorth Metro C-30011/04/1612/09/168 AM to 4:45 PM630.00
16FN54520010Multi-Craft Industrial Maintenance Training (Entire)North Metro C-30008/19/1612/09/168 PM to 4:45 PM1980.00
16FN44520011Multi-Craft Industrial - Electrical MaintenanceNorth Metro C-30008/19/1610/28/168 AM to 4:45 PM1350.00
16SP62360844TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsPaulding B20107/27/1607/27/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SP62360005TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsPaulding B20106/24/1606/24/169 AM to 12:30 PM90.00
16NOPENLAB07Open Lab: ACT WorkKeys, Proctored Exams, Special Appts and TABENorth Metro TBD06/07/1606/07/168 AM to 12 N75.00
16SCPEST0624GA Pesticide Exam - CantonCanton Campus A11906/24/1606/24/161 PM to 4 PM45.00
16SCPEST0729GA Pesticide Exam - CantonCanton Campus A11907/29/1607/29/161 PM to 4 PM45.00
16SA62360825TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsAppalachian TBD06/17/1606/17/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SA62360826TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsAppalachian TBD07/15/1607/15/161 PM to 4:30 PM90.00
16SC62360827TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsCanton Campus TBD07/29/1607/29/169 AM to 12:30 AM90.00
16S109660796Intensive English Program (Full Time)(Full)*Marietta E, F, K06/06/1607/28/169 AM to 1:30 PM1580.00
16SN57060793Forklift TrainingNorth Metro D-40106/07/1606/08/168 AM to 2 PM199.00
16SN57060794Forklift TrainingNorth Metro D-40107/26/1607/27/168 AM to 2 PM199.00
16SN63060787AHA: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare ProvidersNorth Metro D-40206/23/1606/23/168:30 AM to 1 PM60.00
16SN63860785CPR Week: HeartSaver CPR with AEDNorth Metro D-40206/07/1606/07/169 AM to 12 N25.00
16SN63960788Heartsaver First AidNorth Metro D-40206/23/1606/23/162 PM to 5 PM45.00
16SN64360783CPR Week: HeartSaver Friends & Family CPR with AEDNorth Metro D-40206/02/1606/02/166 PM to 8 PM0.00
16SN63460789BLS for Healthcare Providers (Skills Check-Off)North Metro D-40207/13/1607/13/166 PM to 8 PM45.00
16SN63060782CPR Week: Basic Life Support (BLS)North Metro D-40206/01/1606/01/169 AM to 1:30 PM25.00
16SN61960791AHA: HeartSaver CPR with AED (for Non-Healthcare Providers)North Metro D-40208/09/1608/09/169 AM to 12 N45.00
16SN63060790AHA: Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare ProvidersNorth Metro D-40207/26/1607/26/169 AM to 1:30 PM60.00
16SC29660777Introduction to ComputersCanton A-12006/03/1606/17/169 AM to 4 PM89.00
16SW53060824ServSafe Manager CertificationWoodstock B-21007/19/1607/19/168 AM to 4 PM129.00
16SW53860817OSHA 10-hour for General IndustryWoodstock B-21006/15/1606/16/168:30 AM to 2:30 PM175.00
16SW30560778MS Excel 2013 Level IWoodstock A-20007/12/1607/14/166 PM to 9 PM59.00
16SW30660779MS Excel 2013 Level IIWoodstock A-20007/26/1607/28/166 PM to 9 PM59.00
16SM62360832TEAS Version V: Test of Essential Academic SkillsMarietta F-214007/25/1607/25/169 AM to 12:30 AM90.00

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These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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